An Open Letter To The Guy I Loved Who Didn’t Love Me Back

Imagine meeting someone whom you instantly connect with. Your soul lights up when ever you're around him. And conversations with him just make you feel/come alive.

A love that cares

Find you a love that cares. A love that cares about your as a whole. Someone can be intrigued, But not attracted. They can be in your life, But not fully invested. And you have to know the difference.

Dear Change. I’m Ready.

I may not understand it. I may not comprehend the need for it. I may resist it. Unaware that it is the pathway, To my advancement - personal growth - And development.

5 Essential Sisterly Bonds

Friendship is more complex as an adult, especially in your mid 20’s and 30’s. This is the period when your girlfriends start making major life decisions such as getting married, starting a business or leaving the country in order to pursue their dreams. Furthermore, this period happens to be the most important decade for professional success such that people get crazy busy and the first thing they do is sacrifice their friendships, which is a huge slipup. The fact is, life can get really tough. And when it is, your sisterhood will at all times be there for you. You don’t have to have a whole lot of ‘’girl friends’’, but there are a few essential friends you should invest in. So which of our woman-to-woman bonds should we be focusing on?